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What is a Duvet Cover?
Answer: A Duvet Cover is a case for your comforter, duvet, blanket, quilt, or bedspread. The cover is open at one end for you to insert your comforter, quilt, etc into. Some people even choose not to stuff their cover.

What makes a Kiri Cover Duvet Cover Special?
Answer: A Kiri Covers design has many elements that set it above all other duvet covers.
– There is a signature hidden closure on the open-end of the cover. We can substitute zippers or Velcro, based on your personal preference.
– All of our covers are made from the highest quality100% cotton (unless otherwise noted) fabrics. They are machine washable and retain color and durability through years of washing.
– Each cover has a distinctive topstitching that helps keep the top fabric showing on top, and the coordinating fabric underneath.
– All exposed interior seams are finished to prevent fraying and unraveling from washing and general use.
– Each cover is custom designed and hand-made with Aloha here in Kailua, Hawaii.

How do I measure my bed for CUSTOM SIZE BEDDING?
Answer: For a Duvet Cover: Measure the Length, Width and Height (thickness) of your MATTRESS. Then add 8” to the Width and 5” to the Length. This will give you 3” of drop past the box spring. You will need a Bed Skirt and Pillow Shams.
For a Bed Spread: Measure the Length, Width and Height (thickness) of your MATTRESS. Then add 30” to the Width and 25” to the Length.
This will give you enough drop to about 1” above the floor and also give enough fabric to cover your pillows.

What does UP, CP and TL stand for on the fabric numbers?
Answer: UP### Stands for UPHOLSTERY GRADE fabric. This fabric is 100% cotton with Teflon coating. It is water repellent, stain resistant and machine washable. This fabric is suitable for upholstery, pillows, futon covers, placemats, tablecloths/runners.
CP### Stands for COTTON POPLIN fabric. This fabric is 100% cotton, machine washable, durable yet lightweight. This Fabric is suitable for duvet covers, curtains, and light use throw pillows and blankets.
TL### Stands for TRIM AND LINING. This is a collection of specialty fabrics that is used to accent pillows, duvet covers, blankets and coverlet.

I want to give a Kiri Cover Design as a gift, but I am not sure what will match his tastes/home.
Answer: Kiri Covers Offers Gift Certificates! You purchase them like any other item, and then when renewed, they are treated just like cash. Please contact us at for more information.

Can I request fabric samples so I may better choose my Kiri Covers Custom Design?
Answer: Yes, Kiri Covers will send out as many fabric samples as requested for the fully refundable amount of $1.00 per sample. You will be given a coupon code with your samples that is redeemable on your Kiri Covers Order. The coupon has no cash value. Just select the “FABRIC SAMPLE” option on any of the screens that shows a picture of your desired fabric

What makes a Kiri Cover Futon Cover the BEST!?
Answer: Kiri Covers has mastered the futon cover. Here’s how:
– Unique 3-sided zipper that makes putting on and taking off the cover a BREEZE.
– Fabric is machine washable with a SPECIAL coating that makes it water repellent and stain resistant. Coating does begin to wear off after about 6 washings.
– All interior seams are finished to prevent fraying and unraveling.
– Plastic Ziplon Zipper that is corrosion and snag resistant!

Can I choose an Upholstery (UP###) fabric for a duvet cover or coverlet?
Answer: Yes, Since the fabric is a bit heavier than the COTTON POPLIN, we recommend pairing it with a flannel or cotton solid.

What is a Coverlet, or What if I don’t want to stuff my Duvet Cover?
Answer: A Coverlet is a duvet cover that is not open at all. It is a smaller, lighter bedspread. The Coverlet has the same dimensions as our duvet covers, with 4 sides closed and topstitched. Many people choose to line their coverlets with cotton flannel for a bit of warmth and weight. Coverlets are machine washable.

What if my bed is an odd size or my comforter does not match Kiri Covers Standard Sizes?
Answer: No Problem! Each item is custom made to order, just send us an email or give us a call and we will make the cover whatever size you need! If the sizes are way off from our standard, there may be an additional charge, but we will notify you with that amount.

How long does it usually take to receive my custom Kiri Cover?
Answer: You can expect your cover 10-14 business days after payment is received through our Secure Online Payment System. If the fabric is not in stock, or there are custom alterations, we will notify
you with an expected delivery date.

How do I care for my beautiful Kiri Cover Product?
Answer: All of our handmade covers are machine washable in cold water. We do not recommend Bleach. We also recommend Line Drying or Tumble Drying on a low heat.
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